Those Illustrious First Days

We got here without incident. No luggage lost. No tropical storms. We still had the same number of minions we left with. All was well. We signed up for some Spanish classes and sent the kids to daycamp. We thought we were some pretty awesome, put-together parents. Look at us – rocking life! That lasted at least 5 minutes. Then we realized there are some challenges to our new situation.

First of all, one minion ran a fever. Now, we don’t speak enough Spanish to order tacos properly at this point, so communicating medical anything will be reduced to a game of charades. Then, the rains came one night before we had a chance to go out for dinner, so we decided to call for a pizza. But, yet again, pizza delivery orders involve TALKING ON THE PHONE! Which usually involves answering questions, like what toppings you want and where you live, neither of which could I recognize or answer, and our charades skills would also be useless. Then there was the bilingual daycamp. Turns out, it’s not bilingual in the summer – we had been dropping minion off everyday to Spanish immersion without knowing it. Oops.

Thankfully, our new friends here helped us get sorted. Someone had a doctor visiting who could see minion and wrote him a prescription (this occurred in someone’s backyard and involved a flashlight on a keychain). We learned that you can order any type of food online, which was much easier and in English. And as for the daycamp, we were at least more sympathetic with our minion for feeling so very tired at the end of the day.

It wasn’t all bad though. We have also learned that if it’s been a hard day, we can go have drinks on the beach and enjoy the native dancers. One person in our party can’t eat gluten, but since everything here is made of corn, that’s been ridiculously easy. And, the minions’ favorite thing, ice cream is plentiful. It’s super hot and humid, and there are delicious ice cream and popsicle stands on almost every corner. My children think this is a main cultural attraction. I’d disagree with them, but I need to go and finish my paleta.

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