What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

We are two teachers with two minions who decided to try living without fear. Currently, you can find us teaching in Mexico and enjoying loads of tacos.

One day, we decided we wanted something other than a house in the suburbs, two cars,  and no time to enjoy it. It took some courage, and at times some faith. However, we decided to pursue our dreams, which means we sold our stuff, rented our house, and now teach and live internationally. To read more about how we did that, read here.

It’s been an exciting change and has taught us not to be afraid of living an unconventional life. This blog is our place to write about what is going on in our ever-changing classrooms, as well as our ever-changing lives. You can read about my elementary classroom here, or about Maestro’s music class here. Or, you can read here about the joys and challenges of life abroad. Whatever you do, we hope this space will inspire you to have the courage to pursue your own ambitions.